Finding the Right Sponsors for Corporate Events in Dubai

Whether you are planning and international corporate meet up or a fundraising/charity event, finding the right investor is one of your biggest priorities. Sponsors can significantly help you reduce event management costs while improving the user experience for your attendees. In addition, sponsors can really share the burden by reducing the responsibilities you have to face as an event manager. Let’s look at some major steps you need to consider to get the best sponsor for your company’s event requirements.

  1. Define your target audience

Understand who your target audience is going to be before choosing a sponsor. This will allow you understand the audience your sponsor wants to reach too. Once audience is defined, you can research local businesses and companies that target the same audience. Remember the reasons why people sponsor events. Usually it’s for enhancing company’s visibility, improving brand reputation and introducing new products in the market.

  1. Analyze your Sponsor’s Persona

As an event management company, you need to understand what your sponsor has to offer for a specific event, and that is only possible through thorough sponsor analysis. Analyze your sponsor’s persona by asking the right questions. For example, what makes this particular sponsor best for my company’s event? The answer may depend on a number of things, including   your objectives, audience and your sponsor’s financial contribution. Big companies usually make significant investments but it can be hard to get their interest in your specific event if you are not relevant or known in your industry.

  1. Reach out to Selected Sponsors

Many exhibition companies in Dubai sponsor companies with similar goals. You need to shortlist those company’s who have similar goals as your company. Remember that you need to create a win-win situation with your sponsor. Reach out to the specific sponsors, who seem like the best fit (see step 2), with more than just a promotional message. Educate your sponsors about the benefits of sponsoring your event.

Here, remember what your sponsors want (more visibility for their brand) and target that in your message. Generally, you would reach out through email or phone. On a call, always introduce yourself and your role in the event campaign to help the sponsoring company understand who they are talking to and to what extent they need to discuss the details. When reaching through email, ensure that you include the link to your site and relevant pages. As a rule of thumb, you should reach out through phone for one-on-one communication.

Create your proposal with a clear intent to help sponsors increase visibility, improved brand reputation, improved brand loyalty and opportunity to display products and services. The opportunities within your event will draw the sponsors to support you for your endeavor. Event sponsorship can help you not only reduce overall costs, but also build lasting relations with partners who can support you in the near future. Therefore, consider the factors involved in garnering the right sponsors before getting started.

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